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Perch Perspectives is a human-centric political and business consulting firm operating under the premise that every person has agency when armed with the right information and perspective. It advises business executives, corporations, policymakers, governments, and NGOs on past, present and future international affairs, with additional expertise in global aerospace, agriculture, technology, and energy markets. Perch Perspectives and its team of researchers, writers, and advisers bring a distinctly human perspective to their best-in-class writing and analysis. They provide clients with a more holistic understanding of the historical, cultural, geographic, political, and economic forces that define the nature of power, shape the world, and impact business decisions. 

Editor's note: Updated Feb. 24, 2022.

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5900 Balcones Dr. Ste 4015
Austin, TX 78731
United States


After Brent smashed the $100 mark following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, analysts say oil prices are now set to climb even higher on…