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Fitch Solutions provides credit and macro intelligence solutions helping clients to excel at managing their counterparty risk, gain deeper insights into the debt and fixed income markets, and get comprehensive intelligence about the macroeconomic environment. Our solutions, powered by Fitch Connect, are built on our history of credit, macro and industry expertise to help you make more informed business decisions.

Editor's note: Updated June 14, 2019.

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Oil and gas prices will slump unless China’s economy grows faster than expected, Fitch Solutions forecasts.

In the shadow of energy security concerns, ESG investments continue to grow and diversify across the oil and gas industry.

High Court’s ruling in EPA case could reverberate across federal climate policy, but oil and gas companies remain likely to stay the…

E&Ps are working hard on capital discipline, which has translated largely into shedding billions in debt as they lay the…

Oilfield service companies are beginning to increase prices, but E&Ps are in no mood to spend.

Fitch says the U.S. oil and gas industry could account for one-third of junk bond defaults in 2021.

California Resources said it entered a restructuring support agreement with “key creditors” that will eliminate over $5 billion of…

Chesapeake Energy, once worth $35 billion, is flirting with bankruptcy in face of the coronavirus-driven crash.

Seventeen oil and gas producers in the U.S. have filed for Chapter 11 so far this year but many more are close.

Europe-based Royal Dutch Shell is outpacing U.S.-major counterparts in non-fossil-fuel investing.