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Breakthrough Energy Ventures


Breakthrough Energy was founded by Bill Gates in 2015 to accelerate the clean energy transition and help the world reach net-zero emissions by 2050. Through investment vehicles, philanthropic programs, policy advocacy and other activities, Breakthrough Energy is committed to scaling the technologies the world needs to meet its climate goals. 

Headquarters Address

Seattle, WA
United States


Global Energy Watch: How the Lone Star State is Leading the US’ Clean Energy Future

While Texas leads the U.S. in energy production, providing nearly one-fourth of the country’s domestically produced energy, is truly an all-of-the-above energy state as solar, wind and other renewable sources are rising within the energy matrix.

Energy Dome Announces Funding for CO2-based Energy Storage System

Operations of Energy Dome’s thermos-mechanical energy storage facility is expected to begin in third quarter 2024.

As China Dominates, Private Capital Vital for US Critical Minerals

Identifying solutions for the critical minerals challenge is a growing point of discussion as the U.S. works to strengthen its supply chain both domestically and abroad.