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1PointFive, a wholly owned subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum, is a carbon capture, utilization and sequestration (CCUS) company working to help curb global temperature rise to 1.5°C by 2050 through the deployment of decarbonization solutions, including Carbon Engineering's direct air capture (DAC) and AIR TO FUELS™ technologies alongside geologic sequestration hubs. 

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1PointFive, AT&T Enter Carbon Removal Pact

1PointFive said it is also participating in AT&T’s Connected Climate Initiative to collaborate on carbon removal solutions like direct air capture.

Occidental Reports ‘Great Progress’ on Net-zero Pathway, DAC

Most of Occidental Petroleum’s planned $600 million investment in emerging low-carbon ventures for 2024 will go to direct air capture facility STRATOS, CEO Vicki Hollub says.

Trafigura Agrees to Purchase 1PointFive DAC Carbon Removal Credits

Trafigura’s purchase of 1PointFive’s CO2 removal credits is part of its commitment as a founding member of the First Movers Coalition to support the advancement of CO2 removal credits.

1PointFive, Boston Consulting Group Enter CO2 Removal Agreement

The CO2 removal credits will come from Stratos, 1PointFive’s first industrial-scale direct air capture facility currently under construction in Texas. 

Occidental: Parts of DAC Ready to Scale

A major challenge facing Occidental and other direct air capture ventures is whether the process can be made cost-competitive.

Occidental Dives Headfirst into Direct Air Capture, Analyst Raises Doubts

Occidental Petroleum and its affiliate 1PointFive remain gung-ho on DAC technology, but one Wall Street analyst from Wells Fargo isn’t drinking all the DAC Kool-Aid yet, for several reasons.

BlackRock Puts $550MM into Direct Air Capture JV with Occidental

BlackRock and Occidental Petroleum’s STRATOS project will be the world’s largest DAC facility when it begins operations in mid-2025.

1PointFive, TD Securities Enter DAC Carbon Removal Credits Deal

TD Securities says it plans to use a portion of the credits to offset its own operational emissions, while adding to its portfolio of voluntary carbon offsets.

Amazon to Purchase Carbon Credits from Occidental's 1PointFive

Amazon’s agreement is the technology industry’s largest agreement with Occidental Petroleum subsidiary 1PointFive.

Occidental Leaps into DAC, but Will Costs Drag it Down?

Occidental Petroleum is taking a multibillion-dollar leap into direct air capture (DAC), recently inking a $1.1 billion deal to acquire technology partner Carbon Engineering. But can the company bring down costs for its DAC dreams?

Occidental Petroleum Gears Up for Digital Transformation

The operator is working with Amazon Web Services to migrate to the cloud in order to reduce capex and gain access to software-defined technology.

Occidental, Battelle-led DAC Projects Land Up To $1.2 Billion in Funding From US

The demonstration projects aim to kickstart and advance development of the nation’s first two commercial-scale DAC facilities.

Japanese Airline First to Purchase Carbon Credits from 1PointFive

All Nippon Airways is the first airline to sign a purchase agreement with 1PointFive for carbon removal credits.