Chesapeake Completes Two High-volume Marcellus Completions In Sullivan County, Pa.

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United States

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#4HC Joeguswa, #5HC Joeguswa
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Drilling Activity Summary


Two extended-lateral Marcellus Shale wells were reported by Oklahoma City-based Chesapeake Operating Inc. The Lovelton Field wells were drilled from a pad in Sullivan County, Pa., on an 825-acre lease in Section 6, Dushore 7.5 Quad, Cherry Township. The #4HC Joeguswa had a lateral length of 13,803 ft. It was tested flowing 62.6 MMcf per day with a flowing pressure of 2,600 psi. The #5HC Joeguswa has a lateral length of 9,808 ft and was tested flowing 73.4 MMcf per day with a flowing pressure of 3,000 psi. According to completion details submitted to Pennsylvania state regulators, the wells reported extremely high open-flow rates—#4HC Joeguswa flowed 94 MMcf per day from perforations at 8,037-21,765 ft and #5HC Joeguswa had an open-flow rate of 116 MMcf per day at 8,234-17,777 ft.