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"Run Field Operations from a Single Pane of Glass: How a Unified Production Operations System Improves Efficiency and Boosts Your Bottom Line"

Introducing our latest white paper: "Run Field Operations from a Single Pane of Glass". Dive deep into how a Unified Production Operations System not only streamlines processes but significantly boosts your bottom line. Discover how you can sidestep the growing pains of digitization and make every facet of your operations more efficient. Don't get left behind in the digital age. Equip your team with the insights and tools needed to rise above the competition.

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"New Case Study: Use of ClO2 in Extraction Water Treatment (EWT): A Case History"

Embark on a journey through the dynamic realm of oil and gas water treatment, where Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) takes center stage in the Extraction Water Treatment (EWT) process. This whitepaper unveils a compelling narrative of innovation and success, showcasing how ClO2 is harnessed to advance the landscape of produced water management.

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"Bridging the Utility Gap: Powering Remote Project Sites with Temporary Solutions"

Temporary power solutions help organizations avoid these issues to bridge the gap until the utility power is connected. Read on as we explore the challenges companies face in securing their projects to utility power and the benefits temporary power solutions can provide.

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"Planning Ahead: Emergency Backup Power for Hurricane Season"

As hurricanes and disasters become more common, it is critical to have a plan in place to know what actions to take and identify the right equipment to ensure a safe and efficient recovery.

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"Cryptocurrency Mining Basics: What It Is, How It Works and How to Power the Operation"

If you are considering mining cryptocurrency, here is what you need to know about the world of cryptocurrency, why mining is critical, and the equipment required to run a successful business.

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"Responsibly Sourced Gas Reverses Headwinds for Upstream Operators and Helps Drive a Sustainable Future"

This guide helps operators quantify the risks, take action against the headwinds and build a competitive advantage by creating confidence in natural gas as a sustainable, decarbonization-compatible energy solution.

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People-Powered Strategies for Energy Industry Success

Industry instability, difficulties attracting and retaining top talent, shifting technology, new work environments, and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues are just some of the challenges the energy industry is facing in 2022.

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Utilities-Scale Solar Projects: Progress Tracking and Documentation

Drone benefits don’t stop after site selection - in fact, many companies are leveraging drone solutions throughout the entire construction of a solar project, for a range of use cases. Discover how to reduce your solar inspection time by 40% in this data-driven eBook.

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The biggest risks in oil & gas acquisitions? Check the IT department

It’s true: Big, unpleasant surprises can lurk in the IT department. When making an acquisition, you may need to stand up new IT systems quickly – or continue to pay for IT services under costly transition services agreements. In the extreme, shortcomings can prevent timely payments to stakeholders, sparking litigation.

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Supply Shortage in the Making

Analysis suggests that the U.S. could face a supply squeeze in the short to mid-term that will likely drive up commodity prices. As global economies gradually emerge from the Covid-19-induced contraction, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates an increase in global oil demand of 6% in 2021. The supply side, on the other hand, shows a different trend. TGS analysis indicates a dramatic decrease in rig count, well shut-ins, high decline rates in unconventional wells and other challenges associated with shale production point to lower U.S. oil output in the near-term.

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Open Secure Remote Operations: A Vision Fulfilled

COVID-19 dealt a serious financial blow to the oil & gas industry, causing many companies to rethink their deployment of engineering resources. Learn how to improve efficiency through real-time monitoring and control of distributed equipment.

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A New Approach to The Capital Stack Oil & Gas Projects

With bankruptcies mounting in the North American oil and gas industry, the part of the sector backed by alternative asset managers is staring down a phase of consolidation and contraction as energy investors lose their trust in private equity.

Lower oil prices drive the need to optimize the sand supply chain

Lower oil prices drive the need to optimize the sand supply chain since sand is a major cost input to each completion. A shift from pneumatic trucks to containerized last mile solutions is under way due to sizable cost savings.

Whitepaper: Why Are Some Deepwater Plays Still Attractive?

A sustainable future for the industry in deepwater is further investment in proven sweet spots and a search for similar plays. The two prime characteristics of these sweet spots are exceptional reservoirs at unexceptional depths. Expensive deepwater wells must add as many barrels as possible. The industry is making progress developing deepwater finds. Projects sanctioned since 2012, and green fields now approaching FID, will together recover over 30 billion barrels of oil. These fields need just US$42/barrel on average to achieve a 10% return. Better reservoirs break even at lower prices.

Driving Operational Efficiencies with Digital Technologies

Digital technology is helping oil and gas companies extend and increase the efficiencies gained through hardware-centric initiatives. In fact, Quorum software is driving innovations in oil and gas that are positioning our customers for long-term success and profitability.

Industrial IoT: From Concept to Reality

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is dramatically shifting how businesses operate. IoT capitalizes on using software, sensors and devices to predict equipment failures along the supply chain, track performance in real time, and help refine designs and processes to prevent failures in the future. CIOs are now turning to digital innovation strategies and IoT to reduce costs and increase productivity. In large-scale extraction industries like petroleum and gas operations, IoT has been proven to provide tangible financial benefits including greater uptime while delivering superior products to their customers at the same time.

For the Oil & Gas professional interested in digital innovation and IoT, this eBook walks through the five stages of IoT progression and describes the value each can bring to this industry.

Big Data and Analytics Applied to Oil and Gas

Current market volatility is proof positive that optimization is a must in the oil and gas value chain. Companies that leverage data to improve business processes will not only survive, but thrive during market downturns and dominate the industry on the next upswing.

Prop and prevent: A new single‐treatment approach to blocking scale in deepwater wells

The high‐pressure and fluctuating temperatures intrinsic of the deepwater environment provide an ideal incubator for the generation of inorganic scale, long recognized as one of the oil and gas industry's costliest, and most formidable, flow assurance issues.

Production Optimization - Allocations Enablement

Sponsored by Quorum, IDC Energy Insights has conducted significant research on the oil and gas market and its struggles to become more operationally efficient.

Planning for the Energy Industry's Next Chapter – Strategic planning essentials for asset intensive organizations

The energy sector is undergoing one of the most transformative periods in its history, which will ultimately redefine the energy business.

Oil & Gas Industry: Seven quick wins to lower costs and accelerate revenue

Enterprise project portfolio management is mission critical to the oil and gas industry, which is driven by billions of dollars in capital investments.

Case Study: PGS Processes the Most Complex Offshore Survey Ever

When PGS launched the Triton survey, they knew they’d end up with the largest seismic survey they’d ever collected – and when they finished acquiring the 660 terabyte dataset over 8 months later, they had the most complex data processing and imaging challenge they’d ever faced.

Optimizing Shale Operations to Prosper in Difficult Markets

In the current low oil price environment, operators are increasing focus on improving the efficiency of their operations. By using a systematic approach and leveraging automation, we have seen operators go from up to 15% lost and uncounted for production down to 1% in as little as 60 days. This paper examines ways to ensure you are maximizing revenue by eliminating manual tank inventory management and accompanying work practices that lead to deferred, lost and unaccounted for production while achieving efficient vapor control and recovery minimizing emissions and improving safety.

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How Real-Time Analytics on Streaming Data Can Transform the Oil Industry

Traditionally, oil companies have collected massive amounts of data from their equipment, fields and other operations. They stored all of that data, ran processes on it, got results and analyzed them. Then they started all over again with new data. But with today’s technologies, oil companies can change not just their speed and precision, but also the location where they inject “rapid” and “responsive” analytics into their processes. And that incredible difference changes the whole nature of the game.

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of Large Capital Projects in the Utilities, Energy, Civil, and Process Industries

Ethanol Taxation Challenges

Compared to other alternative fuels, ethanol isn't new to the market, but that doesn't mean that excise tax calculation and compliance are any less complex.

Taking Core Analysis into the Digital Age

In uncertain times and plummeting oil prices, operators need to work smarter – not harder.Waiting 12-18 months for SCAL measurements could hamper decision-making that needs to happen now.But what happens when you get similar permeability and porosity measurements, and conflicting results to spontaneous and forced imbibition/drainage testing? Can you accurately predict recoverable hydrocarbons with confidence?

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Drilling Optimization Through Advanced Analytics Using Historical and Real-Time Data

Now more than ever, SAS Visual Analytics provides the tools you need to improve understanding of wells and operations – even if you’re not a statistician. And with an easy-to-use interface atop a robust framework of data management and advanced analytics solutions, engineers can ask and get answers to unanticipated questions on the fly.

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of Large Capital Projects in the Utilities, Energy, Civil, and Process Industries

The Rise of Biodiesel: New Alternative Fuel, New Taxation Challenges

The growth of the biodiesel market in recent years is largely due to the enactment of the Renewable Fuels Standard in 2005. Both federal and state governments have incentivized the production of biofuels in order to decrease the environmental effects of traditional petroleum fuel.

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of Large Capital Projects in the Utilities, Energy, Civil, and Process Industries

ENABLING SAFE AND EFFICIENT OIL & GAS OPERATIONS: Explore, Develop, and Produce—Safely and Efficiently with Realistic Simulation

In order to sustain the world’s energy demand and related economic growth, it is critical that we continue to discover, develop, and produce from new sources of oil & gas and do so safely and efficiently. For example, in the United States the extraction of shale gas is contributing to a switch to natural gas for electricity production, thereby helping reduce CO2 emissions and reliance on imported energy, and providing a boost to the overall economy.

Big Oil & Gas at a Technology Crossroads

Big Oil & Gas at a Technology Crossroads

The way oil and gas companies work with big data and analyze it has changed. No longer are we married to the keyboard. Mobile technology has changed expectations and has opened up new opportunities for problem-solving and innovation that didn’t exist 10 years ago. This isn’t a world of zeros and ones. It is a world of big data analytics, and there is an opportunity to leverage data analytics to improve productivity in oil and gas. Currently underutilized, software has the power to revolutionize the entire business, from recruiting, to sales, to implementation.

Taxing Natural Gas as a Motor Fuel

Taxing Natural Gas as a Motor Fuel

Reduced fuel prices, price stability, decreased environmental impact and the potential for U.S. energy independence are all driving forces behind the adoption of natural gas as a motor fuel. This shift, however, comes with increased tax complexities and challenges

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of Large Capital Projects in the Utilities, Energy, Civil, and Process Industries

Successful Handover of Capital Projects in the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry continued to increase capital spending over the past two to three years, especially, but not exclusively, in the exploration and production segment of the industry. For the future, IEA forecasts over $20 trillion in global oil & gas capital spending to 2035. According to Barclays Global, E&P spending is set to reach a record $723 billion in 2014, up 6.1% on the $682 billion spent in 2013

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of Large Capital Projects in the Utilities, Energy, Civil, and Process Industries

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of Large Capital Projects in the Utilities, Energy, Civil, and Process Industries: The Power of Multi-D Technologies Key Take-a-way’s

Large capital projects are often plagued with severe time and budget overruns, which can vary from 10% in the best case to 50% in the worst case. Significant improvements are achievable, however, with the right combination of both IT tools and business processes

Improving Predictive Maintenance by Leveraging Engineering Technologies

Improving Predictive Maintenance by Leveraging Engineering Technologies

Energy is the life blood that has accelerated development of modern civilization. The increasing demand calls on governments to develop new energy production facilities while at the same time requiring them to upgrade those that already exist. Environmental and safety concerns increase overhead costs of these already capital intensive projects

The Payoff and Pitfalls of Pay-Per-Performance PR: Potentially rewarding results for energy firms seeking boosts in media coverage

Public Relations involves many important practices, but the one clients prize most is media relations because it provides the possibility of prominent media coverage ranging from a local newspaper column to the lead story on the national nightly news and everything in between. While full-service agencies perform many essential roles, not all clients need the breadth of services included in their monthly retainer fee. This can be especially true for companies vying for attention within the oil and gas industry

How Unconventional Drilling is Driving Change

Plant Asset Information Lifecycle Management: The backbone of the Digital Plant to optimize safe plant operation

In today's highly competitive global economy, plant operators in the Energy, Process & Utilities industry are under constant pressure to maximize output while minimizing costs. In addition, they are facing increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for environmental, safety, and security issues. These requirements impose significant penalties, including plant shutdowns, should plant operations fail to comply

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How Unconventional Drilling is Driving Change

Energy is the life blood that has accelerated development of modern civilization. The increasing demand calls on governments to develop new energy production facilities while at the same time requiring them to upgrade those that already exist. Environmental and safety concerns increase overhead costs of these already capital intensive projects

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Optimized Plant Construction

Energy is the life blood that has accelerated development of modern civilization. The increasing demand calls on governments to develop new energy production facilities while at the same time requiring them to upgrade those that already exist. Environmental and safety concerns increase overhead costs of these already capital intensive projects

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Accelerates Critical Transactions in Energy Trading Market

The energy trading market is dynamic and relies heavily on critical trans­actional systems. A leading web-based global energy software provider that offers graphical decision support and analytics needed to process time-sensitive information and to manipulate the data at high speeds during peak trading times throughout the day. With thousands of nodal electricity trades taking place each hour - with over one-billion rows of data - storage performance and transactional processing time are impor­tant performance factors.

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Innovations Address New Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry

The world's energy industry is at a crossroads. New challenges emerge almost daily – from emerging economies to new regulatory demands. In this environment, companies participating in the upstream, downstream and retail sectors need every competitive advantage available

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How to Reduce Costs and Manage Risk in the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry with Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Solutions Industry with EPPM

EThe upstream oil and gas industry is faced with an unprecedented business environment – from new regulatory challenges and rising project costs, to sociopolitical and macroeconomic influences. And in this challenging environment, it's important for the upstream oil and gas industry to ensure project success. Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) solutions can help executives and project team members successfully manage project costs and mitigate risk

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GeoEnergy Experiences a Seismic Shift in Data Processing Throughout with HGST Enterprise SSDs

Specialized seismic processing company deploys HGST enterprise SSDs for up to 10-times-faster job performance and consistent, reliable project execution

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Taming Big Data Challenges in Upstream Oil and Gas

Crucial to the success of oil and gas E&P operations is access to high quality data. Using seismic and other data, interpreters are able to accurately assess the potential of hydrocarbon plays

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The Value of Smarter Oil and Gas Fields

With global energy requirements continuing to rise, the exploration, development and production of new oil and gas resources are shifting to increasingly challenging sites. Meanwhile, regulations continue to tighten worldwide. Finding and keeping experienced personnel is only getting harder. Forecasting and budgeting are exceedingly difficult in the face of ongoing pricing volatility and the many other uncertainties of a dynamic environment on and off the field

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Four Ways Enterprise Project Portfolio Management
Can Increase ROI in Process Manufacturing Industries

Asset-intensive companies like those in the utilities, oil, gas, chemical, steel and mining industries, need to invest heavily in order to maintain operations and continue to grow their business, yet they are faced with an uncertain economic situation. Because of this challenge, it is essential that companies are able to fully optimize investment decisions and lower operating costs to ensure a healthy ROI. Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions can help your company achieve operational excellence, financial discipline and risk mitigation

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The Shale Gas Revolution: What You Need to Know

EThis whitepaper will discuss the shale revolution, its implications on the U.S. and global economies, and how midstream oil and gas companies are responding to accommodate the influx of shale in the U.S. Furthermore, it will explore the controversies surrounding the fracking process and what is at stake on both sides of the debate

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Big Data and the Digital Oilfield: Using Advanced Technology to Gain a Competitive Edge

In today's digital oilfield, big data is gathered from many points throughout exploration, discovery, and processing. The industry increasingly relies upon it for data analytics used to drive strategic decisions. Such analysis demands massive parallel and accelerated processing capabilities enabled by advanced hardware and software solutions

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HP Workstations for seismic interpretation - Aug 2013

The oil and gas exploration industry has seen many technical breakthroughs in recent years, resulting in improved cycle times for production activities. While exploration technology has enjoyed its share of breakthroughs, some crucial interpretative processes have remained highly compute- and interpreter- intensive. Gains have been made but, until recently, certain steps in seismic interpretation have taken days, weeks, or even a month or longer to carry out with the necessary accuracy

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The Game Has Changed in the Unconventional Oil and Gas Sector

Southwestern Energy Company has Completed a Massive Technology Transformation Initiative to Support Rapid Changes in the Unconventional Oil and Gas Sector and Prepare for Future Growth

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The Digital Oil Field Supplement - Jan 2013

Today's digital oil field encompasses a comprehensive list of emergent technologies that deliver increased productivity gain in upstream petroleum operations

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Next-Generation Data Center Architecture for Advanced Compute and Visualization in Upstream Oil and Gas

Emerging trends in the IT industry are creating the need to rethink traditional approaches to upstream oil and gas data centers to better manage the data explosion, and also to facilitate global collaboration and to speed interpretation by using Cloud computing technologies

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Optimal Project Outcomes Flow from Contractor Coordination

Optimal project outcomes flow from contractor coordination by creating an integrated business process for project insights and changes, owner/operators keep contractors in synch

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Optimal Wellhead Operations

Learn how oil & gas companies seeking to maximize resources can leverage technology to optimize wellhead control to

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The Digital Oil Field Supplement - Jan 2012

Eoday's digital oil field encompasses a comprehensive list of emergent technologies that deliver increased productivity gain in upstream petroleum operations

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Migration Strategies for Upgrading Oil & Gas Industry Safety Systems

The oil & gas industry must maintain the highest standards of safety at all times. While a distributed control system (DCS) typically manages normal plant operation, the most common type safety systems are the fire and gas (F&G) and emergency shutdown (ESD) systems

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Control Architectures For Subsea Production Platforms

As leading oil and gas producers look to increase subsea production, one area of design focus is the closed-loop controllers used, for example, to guard compressors against dangerous pressure surges

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Cyber Security for Upstream Oil and Gas

Upstream oil and gas companies are becoming increasingly aware of the growing cybersecurity threats to their businesses. Until recently, the industry perceived security as an IT issue that security staff working for the CIO could handle with passwords and firewalls

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Offshore platform operators embark on network-convergence journey

Wouldn't you like to spend less non-productive time searching for data? How much can your company benefit from quick access to better information for decision support? And from faster decision-making throughout your operations?

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Upstream sustainability based on a real-time information infrastructure

For the world's oil and gas companies, sustainability – as a means to enhanced recovery and improved productivity - is best supported by solid real-time infrastructure and sound business integration

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Best practices in upstream O&G equipment and facilities development - Autodesk

Digital prototyping includes the 3D models, visualizations and simulations that can be the single source of truth for complex offshore developments coordinated amongst multiple, independent and highly specialized contractors

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The Digital Oil Field Supplement - Nov 2010

The digital oil field is no longer a concept. It is an operating philosophy that is delivering greater production volumes in a shorter time. In today's oil and gas industry, real-time data is generating huge value. The more data that can be gathered during oil and gas operations, the better placed the operator is to make quick and accurate decisions that impact drilling and production, which, in the end, can dramatically increase revenue

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CSC Survey Registration - CSC

No matter how much a business or production process is automated, the human element – whether as an organizational structure, workflow, or collaboration – remains a key determinant of efficient operations. For example, more than 40% of people invited to participate in a survey by Hart Energy Publishing and CSC responded

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Best Practices for Implementing E&P Technologies Registration

Unstable oil prices and a global economic downturn place exploration and production (E&P) asset teams under pressure to more precisely characterize prospects and existing dormant assets. At the same time, data managers look to stretch shrinking information technology budgets. These challenges are particularly acute for development of unconventional resources, which entail large risks and require specialized engineering and seismic interpretation techniques. By optimizing information resources, E&P managers can improve decision-making, and companies can begin extracting more efficiently

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Learn the value of optimizing your E&P application infrastructure - EMC

The upstream sector of the oil and gas industry today uses increasingly sophisticated, higher-resolution seismic acquisition, processing, analysis, and modeling techniques. And that's a good thing

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Why Performance Management Matters - IBM

Upstream oil and gas exploration and production is a skill-based industry made up of highly trained individuals, and its use of advanced technologies and computerization is unmatched. Yet there is pressing demand in the upstream, as in other industries, to move away from point solutions and over-reliance on spreadsheets

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PetroStor™ Scalable Disk Storage: A Solution for Real-Time Access to Archive Data for Seismic and Exploration Companies

Make all of your seismic files and project data archives instantly available to users. PetroStor technology from Landmark, NetApp and Storwize lowers archival storage costs to less than $1000 per terabyte with automatic, real-time data compression. Now you can increase your storage capacity, data reliability and storage performance while reducing the associated infrastructure footprint, and cooling, power and administrative costs. You'll also improve back-up and disaster recovery capabilities while totally eliminating tape transcription and re-mastering costs. Landmark offers this solution with comprehensive managed services including deployment, data migration and disaster recovery

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Secure document-based collaboration in today's global oil and gas industry - Adobe

Learn about a set of technologies and solutions that will allow you to remove the barriers to securely communicating and collaborating with everyone on your global team. Ensure the right people have rapid access to information they need to make higher-quality decisions and accelerate cycle times

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Prioritize safety risk mitigation - SAP

Operational risk management is a rising priority for companies in asset-intensive industry segments. Disparate and disconnected efforts in safety, environmental compliance, and asset utilization at the individual facility are converging to provide better enterprisewide control and management accountability. Companies that make substantial efforts today will not only improve risk mitigation but create an enduring competitive advantage