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"Use of ClO2 in Extraction Water Treatment (EWT): A Case History"


PureLine_Chlorine Dioxide Oil and Gas Treatment

Embark on a journey through the dynamic realm of oil and gas water treatment, where Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) takes center stage in the Extraction Water Treatment (EWT) process. This whitepaper unveils a compelling narrative of innovation and success, showcasing how ClO2 is harnessed to advance the landscape of produced water management.

Dive into the heart of EWT, where air bubbles, precision, and chemistry harmonize to redefine the way we approach water quality. Explore the nuances of ClO2 as it orchestrates the oxidation of iron sulfide and the safeguarding of well integrity against microbial threats. Through rigorous field testing and insightful trials, witness the tangible impact of ClO2 on water clarity and environmental sustainability.

As the oil and gas industry redefines its commitment to responsible energy production, EWT emerges as a beacon of progress. This whitepaper not only illuminates the technical triumphs of ClO2 in EWT but also underscores its role in reducing our industry's ecological footprint. Discover how EWT transforms challenges into opportunities, offering a path forward that aligns seamlessly with both operational intensity and environmental stewardship.