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Swift Energy Co. has retained The Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse to auction its interest in the Brookeland Field in Newton, Jasper and Sabine counties, Texas.

Working interest and net revenue interest in the field varies. The property produces an average 228 barrels of oil per day and 2.783 million cubic feet (MMcf) per day.

For additional information about the Brookeland Field, contact Kevin Townsend at The Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse, at 832-601-7610 or ktownsend@ogclearinghouse.com.

In addition, Samson Resources plans to sell its interest in the Buckner Field in Columbia and Lafayette counties, Arkansas at the same auction. The package produces about 139 barrels of oil per day.

For addition questions about the Samson Resources asset, contact Bob Dawson at The Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse, at 405-341-9658.

The auction for both properties is scheduled to occur on March 13 at 10 a.m. at the Sheraton North Houston.