Marketed: Sue-Ann Operating North Penwell Unit

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Sue-Ann Operating L.C. et al retained EnergyNet for the sale of its non-operated working interest in the North Penwell Unit in Ector County, Texas. The Lot# 103938 package includes a six-month average net income of $33,456/month from the unit, operated by Founders Oil & Gas Operating LLC.

Opportunity highlights:

  • Non-Operated Working Interest in the North Penwell Unit:
    • 18.93599% WI / Various Tract NRIs
  • 6-Month Average Net Income: $33,456/Month
  • 6-Month Average 8/8ths Production: 184 BOPD and 16 MCFPD
  • Operator: Founders Oil & Gas Operating, LLC

Bids are due at 1:45 p.m. CDT on Feb. 2. For complete due diligence information, please visit or email Cody Felton, managing director, at or Jewell Arias, buyer relations/transactions manager, at