Marketed: Samson Resources HBP Leasehold, Grady County, Oklahoma

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Springer, Mississippian & Woodford
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Samson Resources Co. retained EnergyNet for the sale of HBP leasehold in Oklahoma's Grady County through an auction closing June 12.

The offer comprises over 1,000 net acres and includes acreage in the Springer, Mississippian and Woodford formations.


  • 1,135.90 Net HBP Leasehold Acres
    • 100% of Oil and Gas Leases (Delivering a 72.45286% to 87.50% Net Revenue Interest)
    • 1,055.20 Net HBP Springer Leasehold Acres
    • 1,175.70 Net HBP Mississippian Leasehold Acres
    • 1,135.90 Net HBP Woodford and Below Woodford Leasehold Acres
  • 18 Offset Rigs
  • 141 Offset Permits
    • Three Active | Four Completed | 25 Drilling | 108 Permitted
  • 371 Active Horizontal Offset Producers
    • 68 Hoxbar | 16 Marchand | 34 Mississippian | 33 Springer | 200 Woodford
  • Select Area Operators include Continental Resources Inc., EOG Resources Inc., Unit Petroleum Co. and Zarvona Energy LLC

Bids are due by 1:30 p.m. CDT June 12. For complete due diligence information or email Ethan House, vice president of business development, at, or Denna Arias, director of transaction management, at