Marketed: Greentown Oil Utah Paradox Basin Producing Properties

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Paradox Basin
Greentown Field
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The following information is provided by Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse LLC. All inquiries on the following listings should be directed to Clearinghouse. Hart Energy is not a brokerage firm and does not endorse or facilitate any transactions.

Greentown Oil Co. LLC retained Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse LLC for the sale of Utah producing properties in the Paradox Basin through a sealed-bid offering.

The offer includes 5,794 net mineral acres HBP in the Greentown Field in Grand County, Utah.


  • Working Interest 85% to 100%, Net Revenue Interest 67.5% to 87.5%, Royalty Interest 12.5% to 16.6% and Overriding Royalty Interest 0.3% to 5%
  • Selling leasehold, existing wellbores, and a gathering system with a gas plant
  • Two additional wellbores completed and waiting for connection
  • Currently monthly cash flow of about $8,000 for transmitting gas in their line
  • Average monthly net cash flow of about $10,300 (January through December 2018)
  • Sale subject to “first right of refusal” under the pipeline transportation agreement

Bids are due May 1. For information visit or contact Patrick DaPra, vice president of negotiated transactions for Clearinghouse, at or 832-60-7655.