Marketed: CPBG Operated Louisiana Properties In Calcasieu Parish

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The following information is provided by RedOaks Energy Advisors LLC. All inquiries on the following listings should be directed to RedOaks. Hart Energy is not a brokerage firm and does not endorse or facilitate any transactions.

CPBG LLC retained RedOaks Energy Advisors for the sale of its operated properties located in Louisiana’s Calcasieu Parish.


  • Proved Developed Producing (PDP) PV-10 Value:  $9.05 million (100% oil)
  • Projected 2019 net PDP Production: about 130 barrels per day
  • Operational Control:  Average 100% Working Interest / 77% Net Revenue Interest
  • Significant Upside Opportunity:
    • 35 quantified behind pipe opportunities (PV-10 Value: $20.99 million)
    • Eight quantified proved undeveloped wells (PV-10 Value: $11.8 million)
    • Operational optimization

Bids are due May 14. For information visit or contact David Carter, managing director of RedOaks, at or 214-420-2334.