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Cade Production LLC has retained Albrecht & Associates Inc. to sell certain assets in Kansas.

The package includes interests in approximately 40,200 net acres in the Harvey prospect in Harvey, McPherson, Sedgwick and Marion counties. The assets feature 80% net revenue interest and are on trend with current Mississippian development. All of the leases in the sale are paid up and include all depths.

There is no current production from horizontal Mississippian wells on the acreage. However, EURs from vertical Mississippian wells on and near the acreage average 110,000 barrels of oil per well.

Upside includes the ability to operate approximately 180 potential operated drilling locations on the prospect, assuming 640-acre drilling and spacing units are formed with three wells per unit.

The bid due date is Sept. 28. Contact Harrison Williams, 713-951-9586,