New Albany

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RPSEA 2010: Efficiency, The Environment And Emerging Gas Shales

Such emerging shale-gas plays as Utah’s Manning Canyon and Illinois’ New Albany were the focus of researchers at the 2010 RPSEA conference in Denver.

April 12, 2010


Table: Current Produced Water Management By Shale Gas Basin

States, local governments, and shale gas operators seek to manage produced water in a way that protects surface and ground water resources and, if possible, reduces future demands for fresh water. By pursuing the pollution prevention hierarchy of “Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle” these groups are examining both traditional and innovative approaches to managing shale gas produced water. This water is currently managed through a variety of mechanisms, including underground injection, treatment and discharge, and recycling. The table above summarizes current produced water management practices for the various shale gas basins,...

April 5, 2010


Table: Stratigraphy of the New Albany Shale

The New Albany Shale is located in the Illinois Basin in portions of southeastern Illinois, southwesternIndiana, and northwestern Kentucky159. Similar to the Antrim Shale, the New Albany occurs at depths between 500 ft and 2,000 ft and is a shallower, water-filled shale with a more CBNG-like character than the other gas shales discussed in this section. The New Albany formation is a Devonian- to Mississippian-age shale bounded by limestone above (Rockford Limestone) and below (North Vernon Limestone).

March 2, 2010


Exxonmobil’s Message

The pending merger of ExxonMobil and XTO Energy Inc. validates the value of gas shales, putting to rest the doubters and naysayers.

February 1, 2010