Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - January 2011

Cover Story

Hopes and Fears for 2011

Leading U.S. energy-industry executives cite game-changers ahead.


Adding Value with Data Mining

Using process and data mining to achieve a detailed model of reservoirs can enhance the value of assets, as shown in this example from the Bakken oil-shale play

Early Days In The Collingwood Shale

This Michigan shale is stirring up interest, with results being held tight.

Energy Curriculums Broaden

Merging technical, business and energy-management curriculums is increasingly the goal at stalwart energy educational institutions.

Growing Hawkville

The team that discovered the Eagle Ford shale’s Hawkville Field tells how they got ahead of the competition and sowed the seeds of success.

Harold Hamm's Triple Play

On the strength of Continental's lead in the Bakken, chief executive Harold Hamm thinks he can triple its size.

Hedging Strategies Branch Out

Given a low commodity price, why would natural gas producers hedge? Given the bearish outlook of supply-and-demand fundamentals, why wouldn’t they hedge?

Mining The Tax-Free Exchange

The like-kind exchange allows taxpayers to defer taxes, preserving dollars to spend today.

No Random Walk On Third Avenue

Theory meets practice at New York-based Third Avenue Management, where mispriced stocks and bonds are sifted out of the public markets, not private ones.

Private Pursuits

Plentiful private capital and low natural gas prices lead two gas-weighted E&Ps into going private to unlock value.

The EPA Eyes The Upstream

Before the agency comes calling, operators can take a proactive stance.

A&D Trends

The Uncertainty Metric

A&D winners are creating opportunity out of uncertainty.

At Closing

Bright Spots

Meet David Wilson

David Wilson, now head of Unitex Oil & Gas, made his first acquisition at age 20.

Capital Markets

Capital Flows Back to Gas

Despite the negative outlook for natural gas futures and associated stocks, a flurry of corporate deals occurred in the natural gas market this past year--and at premium prices.


Checking In

Readers discuss 2010 results and plans for the coming year.

E&P Momentum

Unlocking The Utica

The western Appalachian Basin's Utica shale gets a second look.

From the Editor-in-Chief


Don't drive too fast, or you'll miss these signposts for 2011.


Chatting With Lou Powers

Lou Powers' latest think piece is a book about his more than 50-year career.

Trends & Analysis

The Good, the Bad, and the Basis

Shale-gas production is redefining basis differentials.