Midstream Business Magazine - November/December 2017

Cover Story

The Interview: Harold Hamm’s Thoughts On Exports

Crude oil exports alone may increase to 4 MMbbl/d by 2022, according to recent remarks by Enterprise Products Partners LP, as the world demands more light sweet crude.

Editor's Note

The World Turned Upside Down

Likewise, it may be a good time stop and consider what the shales mean for the U.S, both good and bad.

Construction Update

The Buildout Continues

Contractors serving the midstream see a busy future as they confront multiple challenges to meet the sector’s needs.


Examine The Contracts Carefully Before Closing The Deal

It’s important to carefully check the key provisions of gas gathering and processing agreements when acquiring midstream assets.

General Partner Valuation Issues

Simple or complex, the relationship between general partner and limited partner interests in master limited partnerships can be very dynamic.

How Trump's Nominees Will Impact The Energy Industry

Five Trump political nominees will set the direction of the midstream industry.

The 'World-Class' Midcontinent

The best days lie ahead for the Scoop, Stack and other region’s other unconventional plays, according to presentations at Hart Energy’s 2017 DUG Midcontinent Conference.

What’s On Haynesville’s Horizon?

As gas plays go, the Haynesville has long played second fiddle to the Marcellus; the latter has historically yielded larger wells and contributed more to U.S. gas supply.

Alerian Index

What The Trump Tax Framework Means For MLP Investors

President Trump released his tax framework at the end of September, and many investors are curious about how the president’s tax plan would affect MLPs.

Finance Matters

Could Investors Be Rotating Back To Energy?

Most people welcome a new dawn, and the rise in West Texas Intermediate (WTI) to over $50 per barrel in late September/early October gave reason for optimism regarding the MLP sector.

NGL Frac Spread

A Bright, Shiny Quarter

The third-quarter price of the hypothetical NGL barrel averaged almost 50% higher than the same period last year, with movement in September resembling the tip of a chartable hockey stick that provided the increase.

Transaction Update

All In The Family

The $2.4 billion Phillips 66 dropdown appears to be a win-win.