E&P Magazine - February 2007

As I See It

Advanced KM technology critical to fill gaps

Knowledge capture and transfer system accelerates learning across geographic boundaries by providing real-time decision support.

Keiretsu can work for oil and gas

Supplier-service networks pass gains to everyone.

Cover Story

Education moving forward

Those of you who read this column regularly know of my commitment to energy education.

Drilling Technologies

Land rig technology advances

One of the industry's most fundamental tools is not standing still.

Tech Watch

They are strangling production

Producers really can't do much about the biggest impediments to efficient oil and gas operations.

Tech Trends

Optimize reservoir management in real time

Real-time optimization technologies and hybrid self-learning models are poised to meet reservoir management challenges.

Activity Highlights

Hydrocyclonic humor

Randomly thumbing through technical papers maybe doesn't offer the highest probability of finding comic gems. But believe it or not, it happens. OK, it happened once.

Last Word

All pumped over production

From the Petroleum Age, Vol. 3, No. 3 (September 2006) quarterly newsletter of the American Oil & Gas Historical Society (AOGHS), Washington, D.C.

Activity Spotlight

MMS Releases Deepwater Currents Study Report

Study Details Significant Findings of Offshore Current Patterns

Varel International Expands Enhanced Diamond Protection Packages for Oil & Gas Drilling Applications

Diamond Protection Improves Rate of Penetration (ROP), Enhance Bit Life

Another Perspective

Advances in reservoir characterization

A thorough understanding of oil and gas reservoirs requires the integration of multiple data sources and disciplines.

Design PDC bits for better steerability

Old perceptions about steerable polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) design have been challenged, and new, innovative approaches improve steerable system performance.

Drillable bit is key to successful DwC operations

Specialized bit and other proven technologies make drilling with casing or drilling with liner an ideal way to cut rig time and solve hole-stability problems.

Dual-density drilling with riser gas lift

Riser gas lift and riser dilution are both feasible concepts for dual-gradient deepwater drilling systems. Editor's note: This is the first of two parts.

Increase drlling efficiency systematically

Research and development efforts increasingly extend beyond the bit to encompass the complete drilling system.

Interpretation overcomes costly uncertainty

Real-time reservoir characterization and drilling optimization bring the Blanca field into focus.

Middle East ramps up production

Exploration and production move into high gear.

Model helps Valhall waterflood

The integration of complex structure and dynamic flow information within a discrete fracture network environment provides a powerful tool for building a consistent reservoir model.

New tools develop application-specific bits

Advanced engineering modeling system is a faster, lower-risk method of developing better bits that also provides a more quantitative and accurate method of bit selection.

Reduce the need for well intervention

Planning and production analysis can lower intervention events and costs.

Riser dilution, riser gas lift reduce costs

Liquid dilution of fluids in the riser is a feasible alternative means - along with riser gas lift - for achieving a dual-gradient, deepwater drilling system. Editor's Note: This is the second of two parts.

Screenless recompletion earns 300%

Maritech Resources Inc. successfully installs resin-based screenless sand control on recompletion, using a compact coiled tubing and nitrogen spread in limited platform space.

Target the ROP/durability performance

Effective product development must target the ROP/durability relationship to improve polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bit performance in harsh environments.

Understanding drill bit dynamics

From vastly increased roller cone bit life to polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters with exponentially greater wear resistance, new drill bit technology stems from a sophisticated understanding of drill bit dynamics.

Wireline gear clears well bore

When an obstruction inhibits well production or operations, a wireline milling operation may provide the answer to return the well to productivity.

World Map

Match game

CGG and Veritas DGC have pulled off a virtually seamless merger. But is this what the seismic industry needs?