So we have Hugo Chavez on the nationalization warpath again, pulling a snatch-and-grab on Williams' midstream assets as some trumped up charge. Now of course, this hasn't gotten much in the way of the mainstream media attention, not like Chavez's recent media blitz where he was appearing on numerous television and radio shows to expose his views to as many people as possible. But enough about state-sponsored terrorism, let's talk economic justice. So, we must now turn to Wheel of Morality to decide the proper ethics to give us comfort during these trying times... Wheel of morality, turn turn turn, Tell us the lesson that we shall learn... Today's moral is: bullies always threaten to take the ball home with them if you don't play the game their way... Well, let's just chalk this one up to lesson learned. There's still plenty of oil and gas companies who keep waiting for Chavez to get on that capitalism bandwagon. "Any minute now, he'll see he's running his country into the ground, and when he does, we'll be grateful we stuck it out during tough times so we can reap the rewards now!" Folks, it ain't going to happen. Chavez just got a term extension and could conceivably be president for the next decade. And how did he win his support, you might ask? Surely by providing superior economic models and making superior arguments to his opponents, right? Nope, he pulled a Karl Rove and attacked the patriotism of his opponents, blamed all his domestic problems on foreign devils and promised his constituents free goodies for the rest of their lives. How could he lose? –Stephen Payne, Editor, Oil and Gas Investor This Week;;