We’ve got Haynesville shale speakers planned for you Sept. 4 in Dallas at the 7th annual A&D Strategies and Opportunities Conference—and more! Can’t be there yourself? Make sure members of your BD team will be. Some 550 A&D leaders—from asset buyers and sellers to marketers to financiers to investors—were there last year. Top business and industry leaders expected to present this year include: -- Tudor, Pickering, Holt veteran analyst Dave Pursell’s expert insight on “The Haynesville Shale: The Latest Well Results, Top Acreage, and Owners/Potential Sellers” -- Petrohawk Energy’s Steve Herod on “Moving at Hawk Speed in the Haynesville Shale” on building a stealth lease portfolio in the play; and -- Goodrich Petroleum’s Rob Turnham on “Sell Partner or Drill: When to Exit a Lease Play, A Haynesville Case Study” And more hot topics are on the agenda: -- Anadarko Petroleum’s CFO, Al Walker, will provide his outlook for the industry; -- TAQA chief executive Peter Barker-Homek will present “TAQA’s Interest in Assets Overseas; Why Not the U.S.?” -- Standard & Poor’s will reveal stealth-research strategy in “Distressed Sellers: How To Find Them Pre-Emptively” -- Plantation Petroleum’s start-up veteran Tom Meneley will discuss “Going for IV: Plantation Petroleum’s Past, Present and Future Targets” -- Successful GOM Shelf independent Northstar GOM’s Glynn Roberts, fresh from a sale, will discuss “Divesting in the GOM Shelf and the Outlook for Shelf Prospectivity” -- CNX GasNick DeIuliis will tell the story of “Maintaining and Building Momentum Through a Minority Close-Out Offer” -- EV Energy Partners’ Mark Houser will update attendees on “Current Acquisition Challenges for the E&P MLPs, and How this Affects Buyer and Seller Opportunities” -- Scott Richardson, fresh from a merger of his own of Richardson Barr & Co. with RBC Capital Markets, will present “Price-Metric Comparisons by Basin and Play: What Costs More? Less? Why?” -- Meagher Oil & Gas PropertiesMatt Meagher will describe “Super-Funded Private-Equity-Backed Competition for Acreage and Producing Properties: What Assets Do They Seek?” -- Jefferies Randall & Dewey lead asset deal-maker Bill Marko will discuss “‘M’ or ‘A?’ Types of Mergers and Acquisitions the Current Capital Markets Will Fund: Who’s In; Who’s Out” -- Scotia WaterousAdrian Goodisman will answer “How Foreign Interest in the U.S. is Affecting Competition for U.S. Assets” Sign up for the A&D Strategies and Opportunities Conference! Also, send your BD team to this encore tutorial: A&D—The Workshop, co-presented by The Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse. –Nissa Darbonne, Executive Editor, Oil and Gas Investor, A&D Watch, OilandGasInvestor.com; ndarbonne@hartenergy.com