Despite the economy, now may be the perfect time for Sarah Palin to finally see her natural gas pipeline project accelerate. Plans for a natural-gas pipeline date back to the early 1970s, before the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline was built. Palin's platform is just a new addition to the long-running campaign to commercialize the North Slope's discovered 35 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. On Wednesday in a press conference in Anchorage, Alaska, Palin defended the campaign and seemed confident that it will be backed by President Obama. She said it fits his agenda of reducing carbon emissions. "Our project lends itself to his agenda there. So I say, politically, you know, let this be one of President Obama's wins, let it be his baby, his idea, whatever it takes to allow that administration to know the import of this project." Will the Obama administration be able to overlook the short-term costs of developing the pipeline and see the long-term benefits of transporting more natural gas? With the growing demand for NGV Vehicles and continual talk of cutting foreign dependence for oil and gas, it seems that this may be one of the easiest solutions. Or so Sarah Palin hopes. Lindsay Goodier, Online Editor,