Most of the U.S. (and I suspect a good number outside the U.S.) paused yesterday at some point to gaze at the spectacle that is the inauguration of an American president. To many, it held a great deal of promise. Just as important,as based on great promises. In this, Obama is not unlike any other American president. The penchant to over promise appears to be a prerequisite to run for political office in the U.S. While President Obama's promises on energy are notable, they are wholly unrealistic. Whilst he may begin the programs that will eventually wean the nation from dependence on fossil fuels, he will be of advanced age, and long out of office, before any such programs come to full fruition. Unfortunately, both he and his fellow politicians - Democratic and Republican - have left the American populace with the belief that a solution to the nation's dependence of fossil fuel will be swift and sure. In this respect, at least, there are going to be great numbers of disappointed citizens. But, then again, it is the citizenry at large that choses to divorce itself from reality and embrace the illogical.