When it comes to jobs lost and gained during the ongoing “great” recession, at least some sectors of the oil and gas industry are doing pretty well when it comes to labor employed, comparatively speaking. According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics survey, details of which were recently published in The New York Times, no other sector of the economy grew more from December 2007 through June 2009 than “oil and gas extraction.” Believe it or not, according to the numbers the sector grew 8.6% during that time period. Home health care services also grew 8.6%. In fact, seven of the 14 sectors that exhibited growth were health-care related. All the others, excepting the one area of oil and gas, were either education- or government-related. Of the 28 surveyed sectors that shrank, motor vehicles and parts shrank a whopping 35%; construction fell 17%; all manufacturing 14%; and (gulp) publishing industries, except Internet, 10.7%. Job recovery as the recession abates is projected to be spotty. So if you have a job, and especially if you have a job in the oil and gas industries, credit yourself with foresight in regard to your profession or trade. Either that, or admit that sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.