HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I wanted to alert you to a documentary about the Haynesville shale and how it is affecting families in Louisiana! It's available on DVD through www.gohaynesvilleshale.com. You can view the movie trailer at http://www.gohaynesvilleshale.com/forum/topics/haynesville-the-movie-now. The movie, "Haynesville: A Nation’s Hunt for Energy," focuses on the lives of three individuals caught up in the natural gas boom. “I truly believe that this movie can effect change in this nation's energy policy," said Keith Mauck, publisher of GoHaynesvilleShale.com. "This documentary gets to the heart of what is at stake - us. That is, those citizens and families who are poised to propel this nation into energy independence. This movie is a must see for those involved at all levels of the oil and gas industry and for anyone who desires to see this nation achieve energy independence.”