The owners of a customized 1966 Pontiac GTO converted to run on natural gas will be driving from Santa Monica to Chicago along the famed Route 66. Mark McConville and Keith Barfield have converted the GTO to run on natural gas, and hope a revitalization of Route 66 as an alternative fuel-friendly thoroughfare will attract drivers back to the classic American highway. Route 66 was originally created in 1926 as a semi-intercontinental highway designed to bring travelers out West and provide a feasible travel for a section of the country that was still vastly unpopulated and unpaved. With the advent of the U.S. Highway system in the 1950s and '60s, the route eventually faded in use, being decertified by the United States Highway System in 1985. McConville and Barfield hope that Route 66 will before a tourist route for drivers with CNG vehicles, and hope to bring attention to this fading piece of Americana. And I say, right on! So check out their site, check out their car and cheer them on as they plan to embark along the mythic road that helped shape this country. -Stephen Payne, Editor, Oil and Gas Investor This Week;;