It looks as if I’ve found another book to add to your summer reading list – though this one is not exclusively about oil and gas. Instead of historical facts, this book passes on “jewels of wisdom.” Who doesn’t need some of those? According to the press release that promotes Earl’s Pearls, the book provides advice about how to find “greater peace, happiness, and success on the job and off.” In the book, experts representing a variety of fields present their combined knowledge about such challenges as overcoming adversity, interviewing for a job, or closing a sale. The book is touted as “a collection of educational and inspirational how-to articles from BIC Alliance CEO and Founder Earl Heard, President and COO Thomas Brinsko, and a select group of BIC Magazine guest columnists.” Earl’s Pearls features what BIC Alliance calls “some of the most valuable information related to business and personal motivation, leadership, professional development, and sales and marketing ever committed to print.” That’s certainly an ambitious claim. Since I haven’t read the entire book, however, I can’t confirm the claim’s accuracy. Sections of the book present age-old proverbs, selected Bible verses, and Earl Heard’s “Tips for greater peace, happiness, and success.” The book includes such tips as: • How to apply “The People Secret” on the job and off • How to create your own renewable energy source • Tips on how to dress for success and “seal the deal with a meal” • Why happiness in the workplace leads to greater productivity • How to understand the relationship between sales and marketing and give great presentations. Contributors include Rick Phillips, founder of Phillips Sales and Staff Development; Whitney Strickland, vice president and chief marketing officer for AltairStrickland; Connie Voss, owner of Voss & Associates; Shirley A. White, founder and president of Success Images; and Scott Whitelaw, environmental health and safety director for Texas United Corp. Earl’s Pearls is the fourth book by BIC Publishing, which is the custom book publishing division of BIC. If you want are interested in ordering copies of Earl’s Pearls, you can visit the BIC site.