The wheels are beginning to turn on shale-gas drilling in northern Poland’s Baltic Basin. ConocoPhillips has reached total depth on its first shale well in the country, according to a report by Macquarie Equities Research. Conoco’s #1LE Lebien well was drilled on the Lebork concession, which the major gained through a farm-in from Lane Energy. A second well is planned on the Cedry Wielkie concession. Next up, California-based BNK Petroleum plans to drill a pilot on its Slawno concession. Final engineering design for the #1 Slawno well has been completed and BNK is preparing the drilling permit. And in 2011, Talisman Energy of Calgary will likely drill on the licenses it farmed into with San Leon Energy. At present, the operator is looking for a drilling rig. Under the terms of its agreement, Talisman has committed to acquire seismic and drill three wells, one on each of the Gdansk W, Braniewo and Szczawno concessions. At least one well will feature a 1,000-meter lateral. Exploration targets are Ordovician, Silurian and Cambrian shales. by Peggy Williams