Weatherford International Plc on June 3 introduced the Velox wellhead system, a best-in-industry solution for operators needing to lock in pressure integrity while enhancing safety and improving efficiency.

Velox delivers unmatched isolation between casing strings with quick-connect components that maintain pressure control, reduce potential leak paths, and minimize non-productive time during installation in many applications, including high-pressure, high-temperature, and sour-gas wells.

The Velox wellhead system provides superior isolation between casing strings with quick-connect components so that you can lock in pressure in a flash. (Source: Weatherford Plc)

The Velox system expedites installation by enabling the packoff to be run in a single trip from the rig floor, which removes personnel from the cellar. The system also reduces potential leak paths by eliminating conventional flange-to-flange methods and external lockdown screws.

“The Velox wellhead system enables operators to lock in pressure fast,” Dean Bell, president of drilling, evaluation and intervention at Weatherford, said. “Operators can run the upper and lower packoff assembly from the rig floor to isolate the annuli of multiple intermediate and production strings. The benefits combine to create one indisputable truth: Velox is best-in-the-industry for pressure control.”

Velox reduces potential leak paths from lockdown screws; eliminates costly blowout preventer separation to accommodate new casing sizes; and supports American Petroleum Institute and premium connections using a fluted mandrel hanger.

The technology expedites installation by eliminating wait time for cement to cure; enables mandrel hanger installation from the rig floor rather than the well bay; and accelerates assembly to the blowout preventer stack with Rapid-Lok design feature.

Also, Velox can isolate the annuli of multiple intermediate and production strings; protect personnel by latching the wellhead from the inside; and work in wide-ranging environments, including high-pressure and high-temperature and sour gas wells.