Stratas Advisors announced that it is expanding the scope of its Singapore office on March 6. The office provides clients with a strategic perspective of the energy sector and related sectors, including the following:

  • Outlook for energy-related prices, differentials and margins with respect to short-term and long-term time horizons and major trading hubs.
  • Industry-leading knowledge of conventional and unconventional fuels across the entire supply chain, and developments in the transportation sectoron-road, off-road, rail, marine and aviation.
  • Coverage of petroleum refining, for the entire barrel, from perspectives of individual refineries, countries and regions and the linkages with upstream developments.
  • Assessment of the petrochemical sector in terms of feedstocks, capacity additions and with respect to base petrochemicals, intermediates and derivatives.
  • Evaluation of the hydrocarbon markets, including natural gas in terms of supply, demand and logistical infrastructure (pipelines and LNG liquefaction, and regas terminals and LNG carriers).

Furthermore, the Singapore team works closely with teams based in our other offices, including those in Asia, the U.S. and Europe.

"Stratas Advisors has had an office for nearly two decades in Singapore, and I am very excited about the new capabilities we are bringing to Singapore and the region," Huiming Li, director, said.

"With the expanded capabilities of the Singapore office, we are now better able to leverage the global capabilities of Stratas Advisors," Director George Popps added.

For more information about Stratas Advisors and the company’s capabilities, including offerings in Asia and across the globe, please contact the following:

  • John E Paisie, president, Stratas Advisors at
  • George Popps, director, Singapore at
  • Huiming Li, director, Singapore at