Quantum Energy Partners is changing the traditional private equity landscape by leveraging technology and innovative data science through a partnership with advanced analytics firm, RS Energy Group on Sept. 4.

Quantum is known for collaborating with management teams across the energy value chain and rapidly advancing its portfolio companies’ businesses and competitiveness. The relationship with RSEG allows Quantum to incorporate powerful, reliable and leading-edge predictive analytics to support its portfolio companies’ operations and strategic planning.

“As the upstream industry moves into full-scale manufacturing mode, the ability to harness advanced data analytics, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, will likely separate the winners from the losers,” Wil VanLoh, founder and CEO of Quantum, said.

“Quantum intends to be an industry leader in this regard, and ensure that our investment team and portfolio companies are empowered with the most advanced capabilities in data analytics. Our strategic partnership with RSEG is foundational to this endeavor,” he added.

This partnership was established in August 2019 and is built around RSEG’s latest advanced data science and machine learning capabilities and revolutionary technology platforms.