The OOC Oil & Gas Blockchain Consortium, which recently reached a milestone in North Dakota’s Bakken shale field, expanded its membership on June 9.

The Houston-based group formed in 2019 with 10 core operators including Chevron Corp., ConocoPhillips Co., Exxon Mobil Corp. and Pioneer Natural Resources Co. who partnered to study and define blockchain use cases across the industry value chain.

Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory and the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) recently joined the consortium as new affiliates, which the group said in a June 9 release will help continue to “mature its blockchain journey.”

“Blockchain continues to evolve and mature and we will need to explore and collaborate not only within our own industry but all industry verticals to solve challenges and provide a comprehensive value proposition,” Rebecca Hofmann, chairman of the OOC Blockchain Consortium, said in a statement.

“These new affiliates will greatly accelerate our learnings and mature our consortium’s capabilities,” Hofmann added.

Global consulting group Deloite will serve as a strategic adviser, focusing on efforts to accelerate the consortium’s two mature projects, Integrated Joint Venture Management and Commodity Haulage, to help enable minimum viable products for initial adoption by member companies.

BRI is an independent, global think-tank funded by international corporations and government agencies dedicated to inspiring and preparing private- and public-sector leaders to be the catalysts of the blockchain transformation. The group will provide training avenues for the OOC Blockchain Consortium members to understand impacts to various business areas, including IT, finance, legal and supply chain.