Olis Robotics, a leader in next-generation mobile and remote robotics software, entered an agreement on Sept. 11 with Forum Energy Technologies, a leader in subsea products and services, for Forum to provide global sales, distribution and support of Olis ROV controllers for the offshore energy market.              

The Olis Master Controller (OMC) is a next-generation controller for piloting ROVs in the offshore energy industry. The controller provides both remote and local ROV operation in a user-friendly configuration that increases task efficiencies to decrease ROV operation costs.

Equipped with the Olis Core Operating System that is designed to incorporate machine perception and machine learning capabilities, the OMC saves service operators significant costs by decreasing training needs and minimizing pilot burden. The technology has already received praise from customers operating subsea vessels in the North Sea and been tested in the Gulf of Mexico and off the Brazil coast.

“The Olis Master Controller unlocks vast new opportunities for offshore energy companies to increase efficiencies, reduce human risk and greatly lower their costs,” Don Pickering, CEO for Olis Robotics, said. “By partnering with Forum Energy Technologies, we are excited to accelerate bringing this transformative technology to new customers around the world.”

As featured in the August issue of OilField Technology Magazine, the controller is purpose-built for future integration of 3-D visualization and autonomy capabilities to further reduce expenses and increase operational capacities in the subsea market.

Olis Robotics launched sales of the OMC in the third quarter of 2019. A digital workspace application for the OMC’s CoreOS is projected for release in the first quarter of 2020. The new application enables machine perception to produce a live 3-D work environment and supports machine-learning capability integration.