Katalyst Data Management has launched its new Katalyst 360 data analytics platform for the oil and gas industry on Oct. 6. This self-service data analytics environment provides a 360 degree view of how subsurface data assets are being utilized within an organization. Katalyst 360 greatly expands the utility of Katalyst’s data management solutions, giving oil and gas companies the ability to gain greater insight into their valuable subsurface data assets.

Katalyst 360 features analytics dashboards that are synchronized to an oil and gas company’s subsurface data. The platform comes with ready to use dashboards that display multiple attributes such as project status, data completeness and process efficiency. Users also have the ability to easily create and customize their own dashboards for analytics specific to their needs. For the first time, E&P companies can easily extend their understanding of their data and draw insights from the entirety of their subsurface data investment.

The new analytics platform was built for Katalyst Data Management’s signature iGlass solution, a multicloud database with over 80 petabytes of subsurface data under management. Subsurface data managed by iGlass feeds the Katalyst 360 analytics environment, and plans are to further enrich the platform with additional data, including oil and gas operational, economic and production data, as well as public data. This evolution will build on the goal of Katalyst 360, which is to enable oil and gas companies to use analytics to implement predictive and prescriptive actions.

“Our data science team has done an excellent job creating the Katalyst 360 analytics platform for our iGlass users,” Steve Darnell, Katalyst president and CEO, said. “We’re proud of their efforts and are thrilled to see the benefits that our clients have realized already. There is so much potential with Katalyst 360, even beyond iGlass, and we cannot wait to see what it can do.”