Halliburton Co. has awarded a multimillion-dollar software grant to Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) on March 16 to support the education and development of students pursuing careers in the oil and gas industry.

The three-year donation provides access to Halliburton Landmark’s DecisionSpace suite of exploration and production software so students can bridge the gap between academic coursework and practical application.

The grant also facilitates the Halliburton Science and Technology for Exploration & Production Solutions (STEPS) program which offers students the opportunity to conduct a research project while receiving industry-relevant training and mentorship. Two UTP graduate students will participate in the program and have access to the latest software to better understand real-world data and create a dynamic learning environment.

In addition, Halliburton will deliver adjunct lectures for undergraduate and master’s degree students on a variety of topics including drilling, production, field development and data science. The donation is delivered through Halliburton Landmark’s University Grants Program, which contributes renewable software licenses to qualified academic institutions worldwide.

“Halliburton is proud to offer this opportunity to UTP students to enable the development of important technical skills and relationships that are critical to future success,” Rao Abdullah, vice president of business development and NOC’s in Asia Pacific, said. “We believe learning is most effective when students collaborate with experienced practitioners and utilize cutting-edge technologies to broaden their knowledge and cultivate new skills.”