Fugro has completed the first phase of its multidisciplinary offshore site investigation for Qatargas’ North Field production sustainability’s compression phase on July 21.

The fieldwork started in March and, while phase one marks completion of the geophysical scope, the geotechnical scope in phase two will run as planned until August this year. The fieldwork is being performed by in-country project teams from Fugro’s dedicated vessels Proteus and Adventurer and includes cone penetration testing and P-S logging results. The final deliverables—comprising a bathymetric and geophysical survey and a geotechnical appraisal of the soils encountered—will be used to optimize jacket platform pile foundation design, and pipeline and cable-route engineering, in Qatar’s North Field.

“Continuing from previous projects for Qatargas’ North Field Production, this latest project benefits from more efficient processing and in-country mobilization of assets, demonstrating how we constantly strive to improve our services for clients such as Qatargas to provide sustainable solutions in an ever-changing industry,” Gerard Ferreira, Fugro’s director for Marine Geophysics in the Middle East, said.

The North Field is the largest non-associated gas field in the world and is located 80 nautical miles off the north coast of Qatar.