Exxon Mobil and Konsberg signed an agreement on July 1 which includes the evaluation of Kognitwin Energy, a contextualized digital twin solution containing dynamic simulation and collaboration capabilities. Initial efforts will be focused on a new asset in Exxon’s Guyana portfolio.

Kognitwin Energy is Kongsberg Digital’s digital twin Software-as-a-Service platform that enables operators to integrate and contextualize data from their IT and OT systems, and enable advanced process and flow simulation to drive higher degrees of asset performance and collaboration. Operators apply Kognitwin Energy to drive a strategic transformation agenda that allows their workforce to reimagine how they work, through digital means. In addition to data, workflows and simulation, Kognitwin Energy enables an open ecosystem of applications through an API-driven integration approach, rooted in a principle of open standards and democratized innovation.

Kongsberg Digital is building on its existing experience from working with Exxon Mobil, where it among other items has deployed real-time dynamic simulation models leveraging its key dynamic simulation technologies K-Spice Dynamic Process Simulation Platform and LedaFlow Advanced Transient Multiphase Flow Simulator.

“Kongsberg Digital is extremely pleased to be building on our existing relationship with Exxon Mobil as users of Kognitwin Energy, and we fully embrace the opportunity to work together on digital enablement of operations in Guyana,” Hege Skryseth, president of Kongsberg Digital, said.