Aker Solutions delivered the key subsea component for the system being developed by Marine Well Containment Co. (MWCC) to limit environmental risks from oil and gas production in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, Aker said in a news release.

The Subsea Containment Assembly (SCA) is designed to contain a well-control incident by connecting and creating a seal to prevent oil leaks. It can also be used in a cap-and-flow plan to direct fluid to vessels on the surface, according to the release. The technology works under pressures as high as 15,000 psi.

The equipment was delivered to MWCC’s team in Ingleside, Texas. It weighs 170 tons and consists of a stack of adapters and connectors assembled on a steel base. Aker Solutions developed the technology over three years, involving designers and engineers at the company's hub in Houston, the release said.