It is no longer a question of if the oil and gas industry will undergo full-scale digital transformation, it is a matter of when – and early adopters are those poised to benefit most.

Topsides 4.0 is the Siemens answer to the challenges posed by the digital transformation. Siemens has a long-standing track record of helping customers in oil and gas and other industries harness data to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. With Topsides 4.0, that experience is being applied in the offshore environment.

The Ivar Aasen oilfield serves as a perfect example to illustrate the benefits of the Topsides 4.0 solution. The fixed platform, which produced first oil on Christmas Eve, 2016, was delivered on-time and on-budget. Siemens worked closely with Aker BP to implement condition monitoring—a data-driven approach to optimizing equipment maintenance schedules, and ultimately, to reducing production costs.

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