In 2012, Matt Adkins and Clay Carlisle founded the company that would become Synergen with the simple desire to produce outstanding results unlike any other in their industry. From its modest origins in Marshall, TX, 12 years ago, they begin 2024 with the unveiling of a revitalized identity and an expanded scope of support reaching beyond the oil and gas industry.

Synergen’s journey has been about solving complex problems and exploring new opportunities, with each new challenge providing the opportunity to expand their capabilities. From drilling and construction to land/hydrographic surveying and fabrication, they have evolved from simply moving water through pipes into a multi-faceted business offering turn-key solutions that include, but are not limited to, construction service; water well drilling, service, and transfer, as well as a full range of heavy equipment rental options.

Synergen’s mission isn’t just to do the job well, it’s to exceed every expectation with outstanding customer service and foster meaningful client relationships. Building upon its acclaimed water transfer services and historic growth, the Synergen banner now includes three main areas of service: construction, drilling, and water transfer. As Synergen continues to expand, they’ve implemented cost-cutting business measures such as servicing all of their own assets in-house. As Business Development Manager Chris Kyzar points out, “This is important for two reasons: first, it allows us to employ more hard-working individuals who share our core values—mud, sweat, heart, and guts. Second, it reduces our overall operating expense, and our customers know exactly how important that is to the bottom line.”

Synergen is your collaborative partner to carry every project from the foundation to completion with integrity, heart, and determination while providing the reliability and support you need at every stage in between. Having provided these services throughout the Gulf South for over ten years, we are proud to announce the expansion of our efforts into the Texas Permian Basin.

“There are three unique things that separate Synergen from other companies,” says Synergen CEO Matt Adkins. “First, we’re responsive, meaning we get things done when others cannot. Second, we’re intentional, meaning we never do anything without a great amount of thought and planning. Third, Synergen is a company built on its word, and that’s an aspect of our business that we will never compromise.”

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