The difficult issues associated with extended reach drilling demand a more advanced, yet simple-to-operate and efficient suite of tool solutions. Seminole Services’ PowerScrew™ Torsionally Set Liner Hanger offers a liner system with fewer components, ease-of-operation, reliable mechanical setting process, and robust functionality. The mechanically set metal-forming process eliminates the safety concern of high hydraulic pressure required by other metal forming systems. Additionally, PowerScrew’s ease of operation is combined with superior hanging capacity provided by integrated slips and pressure containment utilizing profiled and full Viton® packer elements.

Current market studies show that the majority of wells completed on US land today do not use liner hanger systems due to formation integrity in shale plays and simplicity of well designs. However, liner systems are still required in instances where additional casing points are needed due to depleted formations or transition zones when entering shale zones. Conventional slip and cone systems have been modified to withstand the torque, washing, and reaming necessary to get liners to bottom. These enhancements increased functionality but adds complexity. With internal release and setting mechanisms, the PowerScrew Liner System is significantly less affected by external or environmental conditions. Minimal hydraulic pressure is required for these features to function. The chances for mechanical or hydraulically locked component failures are greatly reduced. Other factors such as extreme dog-leg severity, torque transmission, high angle and horizontal release are allowable with the Powerscrew. With the simplest operating procedure available, no high hydraulic pressure demands, operational versatility, and independent lab tested results – the PowerScrew Liner System can be run in any well, on any rig, anywhere!

The Powerscrew’s running tool is designed for both torque and compression while setting the liner top. As a result, these loads transfer more easily through the running tool during liner deployment. Washing and reaming to bottom is not a concern for the PowerScrew Liner System. Rotating and reciprocating during the cementing process is generally preferred and is a huge benefit to cement integrity. Additionally, premature release as the result of reverse torque is not a possibility.

The bottom to top mechanical metal-forming process eliminates the possibility of pressure traps between elastomer sections. Using work string rotation, the PowerScrew transfers torque into linear force, forging the liner top downhole into the intermediate casing. With the liner top set, the running tool is positioned above the liner top and is ready to be extracted from the wellbore without having to traverse back through the stressed elastomer elements. Also, requiring only one drop object (drill pipe dart) for both liner release and setting, full hydraulic communication with the well bore is accessible and a pressure integrity test can be conducted prior to POOH. See for yourself how easily the Powerscrew functions by viewing our online animation.

The latest installation of the PowerScrew Liner System in Pawnee County OK presented a worst case condition for deployment. The 32.3lb/ft 9 5/8in. intermediate casing had the largest ID and thinnest wall for its size. The tight hole, depleted formation, and minimal cementing for the shoe proved the PowerScrew Liner System can withstand the most rigorous demands running a liner to TD. Despite the challenges, the PowerScrew deployed the liner and set the liner top exactly as planned. Another challenge overcome by the dedicated people of Seminole Services.

Seminole Services, LLC is marketing the PowerScrew Liner System as a better hanger option to existing systems, and is an effective, efficient, safe, and economical alternative to higher cost long string completion.

Increased Efficiency – Enhanced Reliability – Superior Well Integrity --- PowerScrew™ Liner System

No pressure – no problem – it’s just that simple!