We have collaborated with clients & spent countless hours perfecting our craft. 

1Source: IT & Back Office Processes

Consulting Delivery: Technical & Functional Consulting

We have the best project outcomes in the industry because of the people we hire, acquiring both functional and technical expertise. 

We Know Every Corner of Your Business


We have collaborated with clients and spend countless hours perfecting our craft. We are under a single umbrella, but our offerings span across every business function.


We take a deep, inquisitive look into your business processes, systems, and data to answer your complex questions.


We make reporting easier and more accessible so together, we can make great decisions about your business. 


Our people are talented and passionate about the industry with solutions at every touchpoint – from project start to post - implementation support.


Your Competition Is Transforming Their Business. Are You?

What I.T. challenges keep you from running at optimal speed? If you don’t adapt to new technology trends and data models, your business can’t survive. A digital transformation plan should be at the forefront of your priorities— it’s time for a change, and EAG can help.

Welcome to the New Normal

Your business has a mixed bag of tasks and priorities to carry each day, but not always the time or expertise to accomplish everything. Through digital transformation with EAG, your systems, applications & processes become one, optimizing daily operations so you can focus on value- driven KPIs. 

Navigate from Your Now to Your Next

Digital transformation is a journey. We design a roadmap to navigate the specific complexities of your business, define success & KPIs, and implement the right technology. Your job will be simplified, energizing you to tackle high-priority tasks each day.

Best Practices Can Be Even Better

Processes are at the heart of your company and our consultants at EAG are committed to enhance your performance. We examine, design, and prescribe artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and more. Everything will operate in unison, continuously making your business even better.

Solutions from Wellhead to Boardroom

Reduce the wonder with what’s going on in the field, or any aspect of your business. EAG ensures that your data is accurately captured, processed, and delivered to team members at any level for immediate use, every time.

Take Reporting to the Next Level with EAG



EAG knows reporting and we'll work with you to understand exactly what you'd like to see, how you'd like to see it, and when.


You'll discover meaningful insights with hundreds of data visualizations, built-in AI capabilities, tight integrations, & prebuilt custom data connections.


EAG helps users find clarity, with the ability to view data in multiple ways based on their business needs. With Power BI's unparalleled flexibility, alter visuals in real-time for instant use.

Reporting is Power

Accelerating the Approach – We Get It Right; The First Time.

Simplifying Intricate, Big Data - Financial & Operational Reporting, Delivered In a Digestible Format. 

Ask Your Data Any Question - Get Down to the Details and Let Your Data Work For You.

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