EcoVapor Recovery Systems has been engineering innovative solutions to oil and gas production problems since 2010. The Denver-based company brings an independent view to analyzing oil and gas production problems, which helps to see things in a new light.

The first EcoVapor product was a Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) that substantially achieved the goals of capturing tank vapor gas and reducing emissions with efficiency up to 90%. The company’s VRUs take tank pressures down to safe levels while removing oxygen and then compress the gas stream up to sales line pressures upwards of 400 psi.

Although VRUs do an excellent job, EcoVapor found operators still faced the vexing problem of entrained oxygen coming out of solution as oil and condensate sat in storage tanks over time at atmospheric pressure. Tank vapor gas that contains too much oxygen is rejected by pipelines, causing unexpected downtime or resulting in a wasteful flare that generates additional emissions. Increasingly stringent regulations covering gas capture rates and flaring are causing additional challenges to maintaining uptime and profitability.

The EcoVapor team engineered an innovative, reliable and simple solution for removing oxygen from the production stream – Zer02. Operators large and small in North America’s most active oil and gas development regions have adopted the Zer02 solution, which not only removes oxygen, but helps producers capture more revenue.

Market acceptance of Zer02 technology continues to grow, but our journey isn’t over yet. EcoVapor’s world-class engineering team is developing new innovations to help oil and gas producers operate more efficiently, productively and improve business results.