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HYTORC is receiving a Spotlight on New Technology™ Small Business Award during the 2021 Offshore Technology Conference this month in Houston. The company was chosen for the award for its HYTORC J-Washer.

The J-Washer takes the HYTORC Reaction Washer to an entirely new level by adding a locking feature – a second knurled ridge – that minimizes loosening to keep bolts tight under dynamic loads. The unique design locks the fastener assembly during tightening. It is ideal for use in applications with high vibrations where bolt loosening is a concern, including rotating machinery, rolling machinery, transportation, wind towers, cranes, bridges, roads and other applications. With the strategic placement of a knurled ridge band on the flat, nut-side surface, the new reaction washer prevents loosening of pre-loaded fasteners.


The Spotlight award is bestowed by at the OTC conference for new, innovative technology that makes a major impact on the oil and gas industry.

“The J-Washer is a shining example of how we deliver greater safety, convenience, efficiency, and productivity for our customers,” HYTORC President Eric P. Junkers said. “HYTORC is honored to be recognized by the Offshore Technology Conference with the Spotlight on New Technology™ Small Business Award.”

In 2020, tests of J-Washers in three bolt sizes (1/2-inch, 1-1/2-inch and 1⅞-inch) were performed at an Independent Test Lab. Washers of all three sizes met all requirements of the DIN 25201 Vibration Test, also known as the Junker Test. All samples of the fasteners with the J-Washer remained tight during the tests and successfully satisfied all Junker Test criteria. The retention load plots for all the tested J-Washers can retain the clamping force above the 80 percent threshold necessary to pass the DIN25201 standard.

HYTORC J-Washers are manufactured from AISI 4140 low alloy steel, hardened and tempered for superior strength, and finished with black oxide for corrosion protection. The design and construction make them suitable for harsh structural and industrial applications.

The J-Washer’s beveled side is exactly the same as on HYTORC’s ASTM F3394 Reaction Washer. When installed, the knurls located on the beveled side face the plate or flange of the bolted joint and create sufficient friction to counter the rotational reaction forces when the nut is tightened with torque. The HYTORC Reaction Washer, like the J-Washer, also contains an outer edge consisting of lobes that engage with the torque tool reaction driver to eliminate the need for reaction arms, which significantly improves safety by eliminating pinch points.

But, unlike the standard Reaction Washer, the J-Washer also features a knurled ridge on the flat side. This additional knurled ridge engages the nut and acts as a locking feature to keep the nut from turning once tightened. This locking feature prevents the loosening of pre-loaded fasteners during the vibration test.

“We are proud to be recognized with such a prestigious award,” Junkers said. “Our customers have praised the innovative J-Washer for setting a new standard in fastening and maintaining tightness, but we are excited to see such recognition from the offshore energy industry.”

This is neither the first time HYTORC has won the Spotlight award, nor is it the only honor recognizing the J-Washer.

In 2019, HYTORC won the Spotlight on New Technology™ award for its LITHIUM SERIES® II Tool, a ground-breaking innovation with TorcSense™ Technology, a state-of-the-art method of direct torque measurement and closed loop control to provide more repeatable bolting performance.

Also, this year, the J-Washer received the Worldwide Fastener Resources’ (www.worldwidefastenersources.com) 2021 Fastener Innovation Award. The award recognizes individuals and companies for fastener and fastening application innovations that are leading the way to specific performance with new fastener development and design.