There is no doubt that data is driving the transformation of the energy business. Moreover, creating efficient and scalable solutions that transcend traditional limitations with silo’d industry data is in its own transformation. 

The Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) is the energy industry’s vision for a standards-based application interoperability platform. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is helping drive this vision to reality and its growth.

“When the OSDU data platform first started it was focused on subsurface,” said Joe Nieten, AWS Leader, Energy Solution Builders and OSDU Delivery, during a recent webinar hosted by Hart Energy. “As we’ve gone through developing this code, we realized it really has more applicability than just subsurface. So now we really call it the OSDU Energy Data Platform because it applies to all energy types.”

OSDU began as a single customer-obsessed project that began by working backwards to identify the main challenges subsurface professionals are faced with. That lead to the creation of the Shell Data Universe that AWS developed in 2017.  Since then, OSDU has truly blossomed into an industry-defining initiative.

In the webinar, attendees will walk through some of the key pain points in oil and gas exploration workflows, while learning about important developments on OSDU. 

Specific topics include:

  • How the OSDU forum differs from other initiatives like PPDM & Open Spirit; 
  • How the OSDU energy data platform differs from a standard data lake;  
  • How the OSDU energy data platform can help with your digital journey; and 
  • How OSDU on AWS differs from other versions of the OSDU energy data platform.

OSDU is designed to help solve the traditional pain points and give energy teams what they aspire to achieve, according to Nieten in the webinar. That includes a single data repository with metadata indexing and fully interoperable workflows.

Data is Driving Energy Business Transformation Webinar Slide

Access the first webinar in the series, Introducing OSDU on AWS

Cloud-based process control

AWS hosted the second webinar in the series, “Transforming Operations through a Cloud-based Process Control Network & Historian,” on Aug. 26.

Join BPX Energy CTO Grant Matthews and AWS’s David Milam to hear how BPX Energy transformed its oilfield operations by implementing a cloud-based process control network. 

BPX Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of BP, had a complex on-premises legacy operations technology infrastructure that was costly to maintain and scale with its business. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn how BPX consolidated SCADA systems and historians into a cloud data lake, optimized operations using machine learning and enabled real-time edge intelligence with Internet of Things at the wells. This transformation has enabled BPX Energy to lower operating expenses, maximize production and decrease methane emissions to help achieve its ambition to be a net zero company by 2050 or sooner.

Watch the recording here.