High performance computing (HPC) impacts the daily lives of everyone. From the car that you drive to the movies you watch, HPC is part of making everyday life better. It’s also part of making energy operations better.

“Customers in the upstream energy space use applications like seismic processing and reservoir simulation to find and extract natural energy resources,” said Srinivas Tadepalli, Ph.D. who leads the business development and Go-To-Market strategy for HPC at Amazon Web Services (AWS) focusing on broader energy and engineering workloads, during the third of a four-part webinar series. “They are extremely computing intensive and they are time consuming workloads.”

He points out that limited computing capacity make running enough simulations difficult. Data is not easy to access and collaboration gets limited.

AWS provides an elastic and scalable cloud infrastructure to run HPC applications. With virtually unlimited capacity, engineers and researchers can innovate beyond the limitations of on-premises HPC infrastructure.
In this webinar, Dr. Tadepalli shows how AWS is democratizing HPC and how customers can innovate faster than ever before. He is joined by two AWS partners, S-Cube and Stone Ridge Technology, who speak about specific use cases around seismic processing and reservoir simulation.

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