With equipment operating 24/7, efficiency is a prime concern at frac and drilling sites. Lower fuel consumption, long service intervals and high running capacity can lead to significantly reduced costs. To meet today’s challenges, the development of natural gas-powered mobile solutions, such as the new mtu Gas PowerPack, continues to grow and transform the oil and gas industry.

The mtu Gas PowerPack utilizes state-of-the-art technology to help customers achieve their business and ESG targets. Certified to EPA Tier 2 spark ignition standards for natural gas engines, the new mtu Gas PowerPack is a 2.6 MW natural gas-powered, mobile power system purpose-built for frac and drilling sites. The system can significantly reduce CO2 emissions while providing continuous duty, 100% capacity power.

As a pioneer in creating more sustainable, efficient power solutions for the oil and gas industry, Rolls-Royce’s latest offering features its proven mtu 20V 4000 L64 FNER gas engine at its core and provides the highest efficiency solution for mobile applications, with TBO intervals up to 48,000 hours. Its reliable, powerful, cost-effective characteristics make it a perfect solution for oil and gas customers looking to reduce emissions without sacrificing performance.

Designed for maximum performance

The mtu Gas PowerPack offers the highest power density in its class thanks to its compact design and small footprint. It offers superb performance at high temperatures and high humidity for use anywhere in the world.

High efficiency

The natural gas genset achieves efficiencies of up to 44.4%, delivering a significant improvement in fuel/energy utilization at high temperatures. Due to the efficiency of mtu Gas PowerPack systems, fewer units are needed to achieve the same power demands of a conventional diesel-powered site.

Reduced lifecycle costs

All natural gas genset components are fine-tuned to ensure long service lives and deliver maximum uptime. Fuel efficiency, long service intervals and maintenance-friendly design result in low operating costs. Fast availability of spare parts and low engine oil consumption also help keep lifecycle costs lower overall, with cylinder head lifetimes potentially equivalent to TBO.

Reduced emissions

The mtu Gas PowerPack was developed by our dedicated oil and gas team, whose knowledge of the market requirements and future-focused view helps us develop low emissions, robust and smart technologies.

Flexible and future-ready

The Series 4000 natural gas platform is future-ready and can be retrofitted for use with new technologies as market conditions demand. The mtu Gas PowerPack offers operators the ability to take advantage of low-cost and abundant natural gas.

The modularity of the system provides many opportunities, such as in hybrid configurations for pressure pumping and drilling. Any combination of mtu Gas PowerPacks and mtu EnergyPack battery systems can be mixed and matched, allowing customers to tailor their operational needs based on the load requirements of a specific site. This allows the power to be utilized more efficiently.

Now in the field

The mtu Gas PowerPack is available now for ordering and several units are already in use at customer sites throughout the U.S.

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