The new FLOWgate™ operating software for all SICK FLOWSIC ultrasonic gas flow meters links diagnostic data quickly and intelligently. It then presents the prepared data to aid in consistently easy operation and clear, needs-based process monitoring. This software enables the use of a single software for all FLOWSIC meters. The integrated solution wizard ensures quick help through the automated evaluation of diagnostic data. SICK developed this software for the challenging requirements of gas measurement technology in the oil and gas industry.

Innovative user management

The FLOWgate™ software consists of two modules. One is responsible for basic functions, such as device administration, communication, and report generation and is identical for all FLOWSIC meters. The other is device-specific; the user can individually define commissioning, configuration, and diagnostic functions as well as the maintenance function. 

While just a few years ago it was enough to simply develop a stable and functionally appealing software, now design, user-friendliness and individualization options are essential to any software used in the oil and gas industry. 

The aspect of individualization was given particular attention when developing FLOWgate™. User management provides four different user groups ranging from guest to service. A scalable amount of information, data, and tools is accessible for these groups and the complexity can be adjusted according to your needs. 

In addition, FLOWgate™ offers the option of defining an individualized start page. This saves time when you need to get a quick overview. With FLOWgate™, several communication connections can be created simultaneously for different FLOWSIC devices. This enables monitoring of several measurement systems from a single computer at a glance. 

Improving gas flow measurement with integrative diagnosis 

Changes to the system status are quickly detected, for example, as a result of contamination, moisture in the gas, or disruptive noises. The quick status function provides immediate information about the current status of the application. In order to get a quick overview or analysis, each user can put together measured values and diagnostics parameters as required in the measure value overview, and then amend or save their overview. 

If a user-defined warning limit is reached (e.g., if limit values are exceeded for speed of sound or turbulence), the gas flow meter reports a warning. The solution wizard developed in the framework of i-diagnostics™ helps analyze the problem at the click of a button. The measurement technician analyzes the current diagnostic values and compares them with past values for a trend analysis. Fault patterns are identified with integrated logistics. The user receives an interpretation of data and recommendations for action at the same time.

This support greatly simplifies the work of the measurement engineer when identifying and solving faults in the gas measurement system. Changes to diagnostic data of the meter can often be traced back to changes in the process and the measurement system. 
At SICK, you can find the following ultrasonic gas flow measuring devices that use FLOWgate™: