Recently, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted emissions will peak before 2025 and called for reductions including the limitation of fossil fuel usage. What the experts don’t always acknowledge is the technology to capture emissions at the wellsite is available, and venting and flaring can be eliminated. The solution to Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions is vapor recovery. A responsibly produced barrel of oil (“green barrel”) is achievable with a Flogistix Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU). As upstream and midstream operators implement VRUs at their tank batteries and production facilities, they quickly realize that the high MMBTU gas captured not only eliminates their methane and VOC emissions at the point of production but also provides an attractive economic return.

According to the Energy Institute’s Statistical Review of World Energy, in 2023, fossil fuels continue to dominate as the primary energy source worldwide maintaining 82% of the total share. With natural gas remaining flat, oil has rebounded, reaching a consumption level near pre-pandemic levels. Historical data shows consumption in 2010 was 87%. At this rate of decline, fossil fuel consumption will not reach zero for nearly 200 years.

Flogistix utilizes data and technology to help oil and gas producers capture emissions to reduce environmental impact while increasing revenues. As the leading provider of vapor recovery units, Flogistix designs, builds, and maintains VRUs all across the world. Using advanced compressor technology, Flogistix equipment puts an end to the need to vent or flare and allows operators to develop their oil and gas resources efficiently and economically.

High runtime is essential for effective vapor recovery.  Based on our years of experience working with the largest E&Ps in the United States, we have designed our equipment to run consistently in a variety of challenging environments, and we currently maintain an industry-leading runtime in excess of 99%. In 2022, the positive environmental impact of our fleet of approximately 3,000 VRUs in the United States across the various shale basins was in excess of 10 MMTs of CO2e.

Using both petroleum engineering expertise and cloud computing technology, Flogistix can design a highly intelligent vapor recovery unit that provides full transparency on how the VRU is running. Our proprietary LOGIX PLC creates a “Smart” VRU that allows the unit to operate in a variety of conditions and also allows the operator to adjust the unit remotely, eliminating unnecessary trips to the field. Our FLUX dashboard gives real-time insight into fleet operations allowing customers to better monitor runtime and maximize investments. FLUX can be accessed on a laptop or mobile device and provides a variety of reports that can be shared throughout the company.

The data compiled by a Flogistix VRU is valuable to those companies addressing sustainability concerns. While the current drive to energy transition is changing the oil and natural gas industry in ways many never anticipated, technology developed by the Flogistix team provides vital statistics regarding environmental sustainability. Stringent regulations and the influence of ESG initiatives on markets are forcing companies to assess sustainability, risk, and ethical practices on operations. This movement is changing the criteria used by investors when determining what is a suitable investment. Flogistix data provides prompt and accurate emissions management details suitable for Sustainability reporting.

Partnering with Flogistix allows producers to:

  • Eliminate venting and flaring;
  • Comply with applicable regulations;
  • Provide an additional revenue stream from these valuable vapors; and
  • Provide investor confidence with responsibly produced oil.

Flogistix VRUs can also be designed to capture methane emissions from sources of renewable natural gas such as landfills and dairy farms. Let our team of engineers, technology experts, and other specialized professionals provide vapor recovery and other atmospheric solutions for your emissions needs.