Even in a recently improved commodity price environment, the oil and gas industry continues to emphasize ROI when growing production. Identifying areas to increase efficiencies brings opportunities as well as many new challenges.

ProTechnics addresses those tough challenges to help oil and gas operators very quickly optimize development strategies, produce more hydrocarbons, and maximize ROI.

One example is accurately understanding hydrocarbon production, a key component in shortening the learning curve when developing drilling and completion programs. From landing zone evaluation in a pilot vertical to understanding parent-child well interaction during infill development programs, knowing where production is coming from is critical.

The latest technological advancement by Core Laboratories’ ProTechnics division addresses the industry challenge of accurately profiling hydrocarbon production in a well. FlowProfiler EDS provides an Engineered Delivery System to precisely place oil tracers with proppant in to the fracture network. The carrier bead, chemically engineered to bond with ProTechnics’ tracers, provides an engineered delivery structure. The system is precisely injected throughout all proppant-laden fluid of specific stages during a completion.

To further align the technology with operator objectives, the ProTechnics engineering team utilizes varied mesh sizing (40/70 and 100 mesh) to design unique diagnostic programs in conjunction with specific stimulation designs.

FlowProfiler EDS:

  • Varied mesh sizing allows for strategic design in line with stimulation goals and procedures
  • Structure provides precise, measured injection and analysis
  • Placed only with proppant pack – cannot be washed out
  • Provides quantitative analysis of hydrocarbon production


Additional findings on well spacing and communication to be presented by ProTechnics at URTeC 2018 - “Inter-well Communication Study of Upper Wolfcamp and Middle Woldcamp Wells in the Hydraulic Fracture Test Site”

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