Clayton James Hewett

COO, Cardinal Midstream Partners, Dallas
Hewett, Clayton

Early in Clayton Hewett’s career, he was working to bring a facility online in North Texas when he learned the value of teamwork. “I stood by with my team and watched equipment failure after equipment failure,” he says. Despite the frustrations of the night, the only thing we could do in the moment was laugh at the situation. “Sometimes, no matter how well planned, things just don’t work out the way you want them to. The camaraderie our team felt and the enthusiasm to solve problems, even when not experiencing the outcome we had worked so hard for, made me proud to be apart of the team.”

Which of your professional achievements are you most proud of?
“I am fortunate to have a professional network of friends, mentors, managers, co-workers and service providers that will drop everything to support any project or task that I am working on, knowing that I would do the same for them.”

What has been your most challenging project to date?
“Starting Cardinal Midstream with my partners, and the subsequent asset purchase and transition, has been the most challenging and satisfying project to date. Working together to build a team and lead the effort to successfully execute our business strategy is the main focus of my day.”   

What qualities do you think are necessary to be a good leader in the oil and gas industry?
“Passion, experience, transparency and the ability to organize and align the people around you to execute a strategic plan or vision.”

How have you exercised leadership to help shape your company?
“Knowing when and what tools to use to motivate and manage people can be tricky, so knowing your employees is key to understanding how to get the most from your people. Also, being a good listener and fostering a collaborative environment where an individual can have input in the decision-making process is something I try to facilitate at my current organization and in previous leadership roles.”

What or whom do you credit for helping you develop leadership abilities during your career?
“God, my parents, coaches, and mentors have all molded me as a person and my ability to make good and right decisions. I have been fortunate to have worked for and around some incredibly wise individuals that helped me understand how to conduct myself in high-pressure situations and to also understand the functions and roles within a midstream company.”  

What advice would you give other young professionals?
“Take advantage of and be responsible with the opportunities presented to you. Meet with and get to know your co-workers and those people that your personal and company success depends on. Also, pay attention and learn to recognize what success looks like and what it does not.” 

What keeps you motivated and passionate about working in the oil and gas industry?
“I like the challenge that each day brings and the opportunity to solve problems with people that are motivated by the same. I want my children to see the success that can come from hard work and appreciate the importance of cheap, reliable energy; something that many take for granted.”

Three More Things
  1. I am a big TCU football fan and have had season tickets for over 10 years. I (of course) went to the national championship game this past year, which didn’t go exactly as I had hoped.
  2. I met my wife at a karaoke bar on Bourbon Street. She is an oil and gas attorney, and 10 years later, we have three kids.
  3. I enjoy the outdoors through golf, fishing, hunting and shooting sports; I have even taken a tactical instructional course alongside local, state and federal agents where I gained a profound respect for how incredibly difficult their jobs can be at times.