Bailey Donovan Allen

Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Chemical Technologies, ChampionX, Houston
Allen, Bailey

One of Bailey Allen’s most significant professional achievements began with failure. At a first meeting, a customer complained about her team’s past performance. She thanked the customer and promised to provide a “less terrible” performance in the future. “I kept my word,” the Houston native and mother of four says. “With intense focus and effort from the team, in the span of six months, we turned that relationship around and became a trusted and valued provider to their organization.”

Describe a memorable professional experience.
“When I started in the industry, both my husband and I worked for the same organization but in different capacities. He worked as an engineer on a well site, and I supported the refinery business. There was one December when we were both traveling the same week. However, he was headed to Fort McMurray, Canada, and I was headed to St. Croix. I still remember his face as he said, ‘HOW do we work for the same company???’ It served as a good reminder of the variety of opportunities and experiences within this industry.”

What has been your most challenging project to date, and how did you meet the challenge and accomplish your goal?
“In Q1 2023, ChampionX held its first investor day event as a standalone company. During the event, senior management presented the company’s value proposition to analysts and prospective investors, and I was one of the two leads for content development. This presentation highlighted the growth achieved since ChampionX’s spinoff from former parent company, Ecolab, and subsequent merge with Apergy Corp. in 2020, as well as the strategic pathways identified across the business portfolio to develop and expand the company. This was an opportunity to craft the story of who we are as the newly combined company, and who we aim to be, which is a difficult task to begin.” 

What advice would you give other young professionals?
“The biggest piece of advice I can give a young professional is to really know what you want out of life and what makes you happy. The metrics of success for your life, and your career path, are yours alone to determine. Really give some deep thought into what you want most out of life, and what you are willing and not willing to sacrifice to get there.” 

What keeps you motivated and passionate about working in the oil and gas industry?
“There are really three things. One, the people. It cannot be said enough how intelligent, creative, and driven the individuals in this industry are. Two, there is never a dull moment. As the industry and the global environment changes, there are new challenges and opportunities that arise each day. Three, oil and gas provides a huge value to society.” 

What do you think young industry members have to offer that is unique to them?
“Young industry members have lived their whole lives in a digitally enabled and connected world. I think this changes the expectation of how things are done and what is possible. The brain power and thought leadership this generation can provide will provide unimaginable advances to an already great industry.”

Which transformations do you think the industry must undertake for it to thrive in the future?
“I think there is an opportunity for an image overhaul in the industry. Society often only hears about oil and gas when there are problems. They do not hear about the value and opportunities this industry provides to both individuals and general society.”

Three More Things
  1. When I asked my six-year-old to tell me something interesting about me, his response was, “You are good at buying snacks.” So, I guess if you need some fruit snack recommendations, I’m your girl. 
  2. I ran my first (and likely, last) half-marathon in 2022. 
  3. My maiden name is Bailey Donovan. In the ’90s, there was a famous runner named Donovan Bailey and I consistently confused people by showing up the wrong gender, nationality, and speed than they expected.